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Crotch Rott
Coach Jose Garcia

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HC Herman Edwards @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
QB Jay Fiedler vs. New York Jets (Sun10:00am)
Chad Pennington @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
RB Garrison Hearst (Questionable) vs. Seattle Seahawks (Sat 2:00pm)
Lamont Jordan @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
Amos Zereoue (Probable) @ Baltimore Ravens (Sun 5:30pm)
WR Wayne Chrebet (Injured Reserve) @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
Curtis Conway @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
Ed McCaffrey (Probable) @ Green Bay Packers (Sun 1:15pm)
Jerry Rice @ San Diego Chargers (Sun 1:15pm)
Reggie Wayne (Probable) @ Houston Texans (Sun10:00am)
TE Jay Riemersma @ Baltimore Ravens (Sun 5:30pm)
Frank Wycheck vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sun10:00am)
K Doug Brien @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
John Hall vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sat 5:30pm)
ST Ny Jets Spec Tm @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
Washington Spec Tm vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sat 5:30pm)
Def Ny Jets Defense @ Miami Dolphins (Sun10:00am)
Tampa Bay Defense @ Tennessee Titans (Sun10:00am)


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