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Fantasy Football Rules


  1. Team purchase fee is $ 30.00.  This fee is due in full by week 2 of the fantasy season, if not paid all fees collected are forfeited and team goes to waiver wire.
  2. Draft will be conducted using the serpentine method during the 3rd or 4th week of August.
  3. Draft will consist of selecting 1 Head Coach, 2 Quarterbacks, 8 Combination RB/WR (2 of each must start each week), 2 Tight Ends, 2 Kickers, 2 Special Teams, and 2 Defenses.
  4. Weekly line-ups will consist of 1 HC, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 ST, 1 DF.
  5. Scoring as per attached scoring sheet.
  6. Wins and losses will be based on head to head competition each week.
  7. All trades, pick-ups, drops and injured reserve selections must be approved by the Commish.
  8. Trades cost $ 1.50 per player per team.  No trades will be allowed after week 11.
  9. Drops and pick-ups will cost $ 1.50 per player.  Drops and pick-ups are allowed throughout the regular season and playoffs.
  10. Placing a player on injured reserve will cost $ 1.00 per week and that player must be doubtful or worse for that week.
  11. Waiver wire will be in effect after week 2.  Which means when a team drops a player the player will not be available for 4 days or Thursday whichever is later.  At that time the team with the worst record and points total will get the first shot at that player and so on.  This allows teams with a bad record to possible get a shot at a good player.
  12. When a player is dropped from a team the player will not be a free agent until 4 days have passed or Thursday.
  13. Fee’s for trades, drops, pick-ups and injured reserve must be received by Friday of the week after the transaction. If the fee is not paid all points for those players will be forfeited and players will become free agents.  Special circumstances will be ruled upon by the Commish.
  14. Line-ups must be received by the Commish before the start of the first game of the week.  Exception on Thursday and Saturday games.  If you have people playing in those games they must be on or off your roster before the scheduled start of those games.
  15. Any disputes in scoring or rules will be decided by the Commish.
  16. Playoffs will begin on week 15 and end on week 17 with the Fantasy Superbowl.
  17. The money will be distributed with each Conference Champion receiving 20 %, 2nd place 10%, 3rd place 5% and the Fantasy Bowl winner receiving and additional 25%.  This year there will also be a Loser Bowl.  The winner of the loser bowl will receive 5% of the pot.